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Jiko Ai’s founder Jan has a varied skill background, primarily working in small business. As a lifelong learner with a longtime interest in the individual’s ability to understand, advocate and realise best health outcomes for the Self she undertook a Diploma in Remedial massage with the goal to assist in promoting any person to achieve an improved connection with their body.

A Bit About Jan

  • I don’t watch TV
  • Some interests of mine are; gardening, walking, people
  • I like using semi colons
  • I like to read (however slowly)
  • I have four lovely grown up children
  • Family and friends are my favourite past time
  • I intend to travel, some day
  • Nature fascinates me
  • When I as ten I use to pretend I was Nadia Comặneci
  • I think I will have a go at drawing
  • I have a lovely companion to share my life with
  • Dancing makes me feel really happy
  • My taste in music is very broad and varied – I wish I remembered to turn it on more often